Something Wicked….

Hey everyone!

What a week! I was tasked with coming up with the third part of an extra spooky tale with a few of my Young Adult author friends. Let’s just say the deadline was like yesterday! But, with a little encouragement and a lot of gumption, this gal got it done. I’m so excited because while I do pen novels under a different name for Paranormal Romance, this will be my first publication under this pen. So excited!

I warned my colleagues not to read my part at night, because I made my part dripping with suspense and added a good helping of dark haunted nature to it. I’m pretty proud of what I came up with and how it matches up with the vision the other authors started this project with.

Well, that’s what happened last week. What’s on the docket this week? Haunted Echoes: Spirited Book 1. I started this book back at the beginning of 2014. Now, this book will have spooky moments too, but I think it will be a little tamer than my other one. We’ll see where the muse takes me.

Have a great week! Read or write, you decide!



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